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We are exciting to introduce Health Policy Pro, a site dedicated to providing convenient, effective eLearning courses on health policy (such as Medicare, Medicaid and Health Insurance).

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The current plan is to begin with some basic concepts in Medicare. We begin with a short tutorial on the fundamentals of the Medicare program. This is for those who are complete novices when it comes to the subject and is intended to get you started on the right track. A very short course, it runs less than six minutes.

Next up is the first in the broader series on Medicare Part A. The common theme in Part A is the concept of prospective payment and patient classification. This is to get you familiar with the ideas that undergird the payment systems under Part A.

We wrap up the basics with an outline of how payment models are built in the Part A program. This won’t make complete sense until you dive into the individual service modules, but should help make it easier to understand the sometimes complex methods CMS uses to create payment rules for Part A services.